Takaragawa Onsen Osenkaku

How to purchase a cake online

Upon submitting the order form, you will receive a confirmation email. In the case you did not receive it, please contact us at Cake.jp. Also, should you have any questions regarding e.g. the size of the cakes or allergy conditions, please feel free to reach us as well. Our contact details are just below.

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  2. Order a cake
  3. Get a confirmation email
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Contact details

Cake.jp - Customer service

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Policy upon your purchase

Each cake has a different delivery date. Do place your orders early. Once past the deadline, please contact us support@cake.jp .

Modifying or canceling your order is possible only if the production of the item has not yet started. However, for certain types of items such as made-to-order cakes, please understand that we still may not be able to satisfy your request.

Choose a cake

12/15〜12/27のお届けにつきましては、キャンセル期限が12/10となり、それ以降の注文はキャンセル不可となります。 あらかじめご了承ください。商品ごとにお届けできない日がございます。ご確認の上ご注文をお願いいたします。

  • Xmas picture cake (square-shape)

    15cm×15cm ¥4,700
    unavailable date
  • Xmas picture cake (round-shape)

    15cm ¥4,400
    unavailable date
  • Xmas chocolate strawberry shortcake

    15cm ¥4,200
    unavailable date
  • Xmas strawberry

    9cm ¥2,780
    12cm ¥3,500
    15cm ¥3,980
    18cm ¥5,400
    unavailable date
  • Bush de Noel

    18cm×9cm ¥4,320
    unavailable date
  • Strawberry shortcake

    9cm ¥2,300
    12cm ¥2,850
    15cm ¥3,400
    unavailable date
  • Chocolate strawberry shortcake

    12cm ¥2,850
    15cm ¥3,400
    unavailable date
  • Fruit tart

    10cm ¥3,300
    unavailable date
  • Letter cake

    17cm ¥3,000
  • Picture cake (round-shape)

    12cm ¥3,000
    15cm ¥3,560
    unavailable date
  • Picture cake (square-shape)

    12cm×12cm ¥3,000
    15cm×15cm ¥3,560
    unavailable date
  • Photo Decoration Cake with Fruit

    12cm×12cm ¥3,980
    15cm×15cm ¥4,580
    unavailable date
  • Letter cake (square-shape)

    12cm×12cm ¥3,980
    15cm×15cm ¥4,580
    unavailable date
  • Thanks-letter cake

    12cm×15cm ¥3,960
    15cm×18cm ¥4,760
    unavailable date
  • Omakase (designer's pick) Bouquet

    Super small size ¥2,980
    Small size ¥3,380
    Medium size ¥4,980
    Large size ¥10,000
    unavailable date
  • Wine with your name (Red)

    750ml ¥3,730
  • Wine with your name (White)

    750ml ¥3,730
  • Wine with your name (Rose)

    750ml ¥4,700
  • Beer with your name

    750ml ¥3,740
  • Japanese sake with your name(with gold)

    720ml ¥4,110